What she said to me

A poet’s tribute to grandma

What she said to me.

It’s a special something that money can’t buy.

Its special moment precious in time. 

It’s a special someone no one can ever replace. 

At a very special place about it I reminisce.

And yes this time around ,it was about love.

I remember the days sitting around the fire.

Basking our bare legs to the rays from the ambers while she recited another one.

Another one of her tales about the past , imaginary characters even animals could speak .

Speak sense even into the head of a fool .

Whose life is about to waste away in ignorance.

To stop a kind of persistence in wrong things.

Wrong aspirations and even the rhyme in the word wrong.

Folktales. It was a way to educate.

An essence of education passed thru to generation from generation.

And she had a gift , I always cherish her words of Wisdom.

Her words of encouragement .

Let alone her words of scorn.I learnt to take it like a man

Because in them lay Wisdom ,experience , belief and love.

Love that made me realise if firm enough, I could conquer the world.

Love that made me awaken , I put on a new Zeal to Life.

To live and let live, grow big and realise my dreams.

And in all the times I will never forget.

That love which made me stronger.

In the ethics you taught me when I thought you were is being traditional.

Sorry because when I was little and spoiled I called you old fashioned. 

With age comes wisdom and as for me with age I realise.

You taught me well and your love is the greatest of all .

I love you grandma.