Be, Live.

You might have overheard when I said Be,Live

Well here is the thesis.

I held the script to the movie of my life.

A good writer though I’m not the best at the other side of the script.

Starring, it could have been Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Denzel or 50 Cent but still God chose me.

It being high grossing on the box office or being a flop like 47 Ronin,

God put purpose in every story ever told ,mine inclusive.

So I told myself Be, Live.

Because in the starting of every new day it feels enough blessing just to open my eyes.

Until I started chasing dreams I never knew I had.

Because life became a competition and if you are not a champion

Nothing seems gained from the race.

But if my real competition is the man in the mirror and I know He will never come out,

Why do I need to prove myself to anybody else but him?

So I told myself Be, Live.

Everybody now needy but the really needy need food to eat.

The really needy need assurance to see the morrow.

Guns and hunger as a daily life, praying makes sense after seeing every dawn.

Realization. I am fortunate to be me.

Then, life’s reevaluation took me to Big Sean lyrics.

I’m blessed.

And I told myself. Be, Live.

Life teaches lessons nobody could, that’s why when you talked I never really listened.

In the highs and lows to still maintain being thyself.

Most wish to be rich because in a modern day perception that’s all there is to it.

But then the poor did not stop being people. Another society misconception.

Success is not guaranteed, for if life becomes a struggle to the end,

Will I be grateful I ever lived?

Through it all I told myself.

Be, Live.

For if God is enough, in my failure can I proclaim His name?

Modern life says worship and praise in exchange for gifts and miracles.

I still remember, Came I naked from my mother’s womb.

Surely the gift of life must be enough for me to give glory for a lifetime.

So through it all. I told myself. Be, Live.

I believe in Jesus and I believe in God.

I believe in family and I believe in love.

I believe that everything works for the good for those who believe.

I believe in the Indispensables even though our boat ride hasn’t been a smooth sail.

I believe that success- is a positive mentality and enjoying life to the most with what is availed to you.

I put focus to my abilities and what I Be, Live through my life with a grin.

For this is me in life as it happens for me.

And so I told myself- Be, Live.